Yurt Party


Yurt Party is a Christchurch-based quartet known for pairing seething Gypsy and Balkan rhythms with haunting violin melodies. Their music can be heard all around Canterbury, usually inspiring dance in markets, bars, outdoors or even at house parties. Their music also draws on dub, electronic, latin and afro inspired dance grooves. 

The band’s four members include Lorenz Weston-Salzer (violin), a classically trained violinist through the Suzuki method; Tom Harris (keyboard and accordion), a multi instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, teacher and band leader; Thomas Isbister (drums and percussion), a percussionist who draws from Latin and African styles, and Charlotte Crone (trombone), a band gypsy and tromborinist who often jumps in with a tambourine and dance moves when she isn’t blasting out a balkan melody or raucous trombone solo.