Stuart Candy


Stuart Candy is a futurist. What exactly is that? Well in his words, it is about helping people “think and feel about things that haven't happened yet.” It is about enabling people to play on a mental jungle gym of possible worlds, helping them access unique insights and explore each other’s insights.

Currently the assistant professor in the faculty of design at Ontario College of Art and Design University and California College of the Arts, as well as a research fellow at The Long Now Foundation, Stuart is exploring the communication of scenarios and engaging people in anticipatory democracies. Combining real world impact, intense creativity, and a whole heap of fun, he draws people into creative thinking about possible and preferable futures.

Your imagination will be stretched to its limits during Stuart’s talk; we are delighted to have him join us this year!

Learn more about Stuart’s current work on his blog, The Sceptical Futuryst, or follow him on Twitter: @futuryst.