Selwyn Pellet


In 2001, after a long history of working with multinationals, Selwyn Pellett decided he had enough. With $250,000, he co-founded Endace Ltd and Prolificx Ltd (now iMarda) and led both companies as CEO. These two companies have collectively exported close to half a billion dollars of premium margin (70% +) exports, and Endace was the first and still only New Zealand registered company to list on the UK’s AIM. He has also founded and invested in a number of other companies, from natural skin care to trucking.

Since 2003, he has been outspoken about policies that he believes have led to economic risk, extreme wealth concentrations and the erosion of economic sovereignty. In 2012 he visited top economists in the OECD, IMF, and World Bank, as well as Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, to further enrich his worldview.

His passion for helping New Zealand develop a high-wage, high-growth, sustainable economy has led to Selwyn consulting with government ministers and advisors on industry and economic policy, and his involvement in numerous initiatives aimed at building and retaining skills and expertise to support economic growth in New Zealand.