Sacha McMeeking


The greatest creative project of 300,000 people heading in one direction. In the days and weeks hat followed the earthquake, in an unparalleled way the greatest qualities of our humanity came out. How do we recreate that for our re-imaging and communicate across 300000 people. We now have a context where we as individuals or organisations are talking with the powers that be. The decisions to be made will effect us, our children and our grandchildren. Rather than doing so based on linear discussions, we need to seize the decision-making process as a community.

A Vision – Over seven generations Maori had a shared vision around Waitangi claims. A singular vision, for Ngai Tahu it is about creating an inter-generational future. We have a common trajectory but we need to talk about the details underlying that upon which we disagree. Rather than recovery, we should be looking for a vision around transformational change. You shouldn’t have to leave your community to live in better one.

Democracy – participatory democracy is a nice word but we need to balance consensus building with the demand for progress. We need to bring together all our groups to have a conversation together about what a transformational change and future we want to create together. If we as a community will not forge a consensus among ourselves, there will be no choice for the authorities to force decisions upon us.

Implementation – Collaboration is the new black. We need to become highly skilled at collaboratory processes and projects. Central and local Government have a huge amount to offer in terms of implementation, but the biggest part of the responsibility for implementation lies with us, the citizenry. We need a charter that sits underneath collaboration to focus participants on endpoints and deliverables.

A common purpose for our shared creative project. A grand public private partnership that is designed to create the community legacy that we want for our future generations.