Rudd Kleinpaste


Ruud is one of the amazing people that New Zealand imported from the world at large, in this case from the Netherlands (although he was born in Indonesia). He has held a few positions in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries but will be forever remembered within New Zealand as 'the Bugman'.

The Bugman has carried a flag for a number of environmental causes such as the protection of native birds and more eco-friendly agriculture. He's reached people of all ages since the 1980s, first through his talkback radio show, "Ruud's Awakening", and then in his TV series, 'Buggin' with Ruud'.

Ruud's biggest mission though is to ensure that insects, spiders and other arthropods get the love and affection they deserve. If our many-legged friends disturb you, you may want to cover your eyes during his talk at TEDxChristchurch 2013.