Peggy Liu


We are honoured that Shanghai-based Peggy Liu, Chairperson of JUCCCE and Time Magazine Environmental Hero, is taking time away from her important work bridging the gap between pollution and its solution to speak at TEDxChCh. As China emerges as an economic powerhouse, its energy use is shooting through the roof; the country opens a new coal plant every week. The resulting pollution is a global problem – a third of particulate matter pollution in California can be traced back to China.

This “one atmosphere” nature of climate change was the catalyst for the Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (JUCCCE), a non-profit organisation that brings together international expertise and green technologies to visibly change the way China creates and uses energy.

JUCCCE views the challenge of changing the trajectory of energy use through a change management lens, rather than just a technology or policy lens. How do we reach key energy decision makers through scalable channels? How can we facilitate dialogue for mutual understanding?

In honour of Peggy’s exceptional leadership of JUCCCE Peggy has been chosen as this year’s Hillary Laureate by the Hillary Institute of International Leadership, a New Zealand-based organisation named after legendary mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary. Peggy says, “I’m truly honoured. This award represents the hard work of a large team of staff, volunteers, and partners that have joined JUCCCE to make a global impact. Every day, I feel lucky that the work of JUCCCE inspires people to make a difference.” We know Peggy will open our hearts and minds at TEDxChCh the way John Doerr did at TED when he spoke about seeking salvation in green technology in China.