Paul Dunn


Chairman of Buy1Give1 and former business heavyweight Paul Dunn is passionate about making and sharing money. “Businesspeople are in a unique situation to make a huge difference,” he says. “Buy1Give1 was created to help them change the world.”

To combat the fact that “guilt-based tin-cup rattling is an unsustainable way for non-profits to raise money,” Buy1Give1 created an alternative: a transaction-based giving model for its corporate members that facilitates a charitable donation with every purchase. B1G1 members have taken that model and implemented it with extraordinary impact, like Christchurch-based Falcon Training, which gives financial support to schoolchildren in Peru every time someone enrols in a course.

When you first see Paul you’ll find yourself experiencing a shift as he connects with you and talks about our as yet untapped ability to transform the world through commerce. And by the end of your time with him, you’ll understand that what Paul does, beautifully and with utmost authenticity, is give businesspeople the actual processes to shift their orientation to truly make a difference, as he puts it, ‘every second, every day and in every way’. As stud stock manager Preston Phillip-Clarke said, ‘Paul not only shifts the boundary of what’s possible—he blows an irreparable hole in it.’

Paul brings an impressive professional history to TEDxChCh, including being one of the first 10 people to join the Australian branch of Hewlett-Packard. He also established The Results Corporation around his own marketing and speaking skills and grew it into a $20 million company; his Results Corporation video-based service training program is now used by 156,000 businesses globally. But it’s the successes of Buy1Give1 that give him the greatest joy: over 651,000 giving transactions to date, resulting, among other things, in more than 26,000 children being given a meal at school, more than 15,000 people receiving accommodation, and more than 53,000 square meters of rainforest being protected.

TEDxChCh fearlessly embraces speakers whose ideas are challenging. In that spirit we offer you Paul Dunn, the ‘Wizard of WOW’.