Matt Brown


Matt Brown is an internationally acclaimed barber and hair artist, author, husband, and father of three known for ‘giving great cuts’ and ‘inspiring great men.’ He is a survivor of family and childhood sexual abuse and shares his story with the men who frequent his busy Christchurch-based shop, My Fathers Barbers, as a way to foster vulnerability, healing, and connection.

Matt started his business with a simple set up in a garden shed; as his talent and client list steadily grew, he gained a large following on social media, which he now uses to share messages of inspiration and overcoming. His barbering skills and dedication to reviving the craft of barbering have seen him embark on a teaching tour across the US with the world’s top barber, but his real calling lies in his work to end toxic masculinity and the cycle of domestic violence affecting families across New Zealand.

In 2018, Matt partnered with the Ministry of Social Development for their ‘It’s not OK campaign’ to increase awareness about the role of barbers in creating safe spaces that allow men to talk. He sees the barber shop as a ‘cornerstone of the community’ and his barber chair as a safe place for men to change not only their looks, but their lives.