Linh Do


19-year-old climate change activist Linh Do is TEDxChCh’s youngest speaker!

Four years ago, Linh initiated the Change a Million Light Bulbs project in Melbourne, with the immediate purpose of having people switch from incandescent to LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs. A less tangible purpose, however, was to have people experience the wonderful feeling of doing good. Linh’s project later went Australia-wide under the name Change and Switch and, as of November 2009, incandescent light bulbs are no longer for sale in Australia.

Just three years ago, Linh was trained by Al Gore to be a Climate Project presenter and deliver the slideshow behind An Inconvenient Truth. Linh has since presented to thousands of people, and will soon be able to count attendees of TEDxChCh! After attending the COP15 climate change summit in Copenhagen last year, Linh pointed out that, “Copenhagen was much more than just negotiations, it was the public rallying around their communities. It was not a stand-alone event, but is part of a much broader movement.”

She believes climate change can be addressed if we change our collective mindset. “We already possess the know-how, the technology, the information, the infrastructure, and the money to implement green renewable energy but we don’t because we don’t want to change,” she observes. “Climate change is not just about polar bears anymore. It’s about us as a civilisation.” Earlier this year, Linh was one of 250 international passengers to spend two-months on the Ship of World Youth, an initiative by the Government of Japan to facilitate intercultural exchange.

After TEDxChCh Linh will return to her studies for her Bachelor of Arts in International Politics and Environmental Studies, as well as the University of Melbourne’s Universitas 21 Diploma in Global Issues, which is delivered in conjunction with universities in Mexico, Canada, China, Sweden, and the UK.