John Marshall Roberts


Bestselling author, applied research psychologist, and CEO of Worldview Learning John Marshall Roberts is literally coming halfway around the world to speak at TEDxChCh.

US-based John has crafted his career around converting corporations and communicating with cynics. In an interview with Planet Shifter magazine he said, “Corporations are becoming a force for good. I’m doing what I can to help that process, that transformation, move forward.” Through strategic communications and values-based messages, John coaches leaders on inspiring positive, lasting action by those they rely upon. His recent book Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries draws on his knowledge of systems theory and developmental psychology to enable socially conscious marketers, business leaders, and activists to win over objectors and arouse collaborative behaviours.

A former psychology professor (with a M.A. in Psychology and Organizational Development), John’s expertise has been applied to numerous commercial and community projects including designs for a $200 million dollar Museum of World Mythologies based upon the work of renowned scholar and storyteller Joseph Campbell.

John is committed to TED and challenges us to learn from the way TED has built their brand, becoming a household name by freely offering online videos and licensing events like TEDxChCh. In his blog post, "Ideas grow by being given away," John writes, “The real trick for today’s aspiring capitalists is to bridge the… mental and the material [realms] by first tapping into the limitless abundance of the mental realm through generosity, and then harnessing this enthusiasm to inspire real world monetary exchange, in a spirit of trust and camaraderie.”

TEDxChCh Curator Kaila Colbin has been a fan of John’s for years, and is thrilled to be able to share his inspiring and uplifting message of empathy and psychological insight with our Christchurch crowd.