Joe Castillo


Joe Castillo is one of the first and the premier Sand Animation “SandStory” artist in the world today. SandStory is the art of telling stories using sand animation. Sand scattered on a light box is formed and reformed into ever changing shapes and images that tell visually powerful stories.

Castillo has inspired millions of people through his talent and Sand Animation. He is an internationally known artist, author and storyteller with a passion for promoting the visual arts as a way of touching the heart. He has traveled to fourteen countries, performed for world leaders and churches across the country. SandStory performance is done live and projected on screens for a powerful, standing ovation experience!

Telling stories, or in our context, imagining a future city, is something perfectly suited to the discussion during, and the opportunities arising from, TEDxEQChCh. We are excited to have Castillo attending and excitedly await his performance.