Jo Robertson


Jo Robertson is the Research and Training Lead for The Light Project, a charitable trust equipping youth, whānau and professionals to navigate the new porn landscape.

From an early age, Jo knew she wanted to serve people; she had a strong concern for those who felt no one was listening to them. This compelled her to train in social policy, counselling and sexual health, and to earn her Master’s of Science in sex therapy, with a focus on the consumption rates and impacts of porn on adolescents.

After completing her education and training, Jo went on to work in trauma and abuse counselling roles with children and young people; she now works in private practice as a sex therapist, helping couples restore intimacy, or with problematic sexual behaviours.

Jo is married to an exceptional man named Dave who runs a youth mentoring organisation, and has three young boys. This has taught Jo the complexity of being a working mum, and as with all parents, is very low on the 3 S’s (sleep, self-care and showers).