Hugh Nicholson


In these days of Central Government oversight and new bodies to look after Christchurch’s recovery, it is important to not lose sight of the fact that it is the City Council that, at the end of the process, will be left to Govern the re-imagined city. For this reason we are pleased to have a representative from the Christchurch City Council to present at TEDxEQChCh.

Hugh Nicholson is currently the principal adviser urban design at the Council, and prior to this spent ten years working as an urban designer in Wellington. He worked with Jan Gehl to develop A City for People Action Plan which is focused on improving the quality of public spaces in Christchurch’s central city.

He was closely involved in the development of the Wellington Waterfront Framework which has shaped the development of Wellington’s waterfront over the last decade, and wrote Capital Spaces, the strategy which has guided the development of open spaces in Wellington.

Hugh trained as a landscape architect and worked as a botanical illustrator before becoming an urban designer. Designing cities which are great places for people has inspired his work over the last fifteen years.

Spending time walking along the Wellington waterfront, a wondrous place which as, only a decade or two ago a forgotten wasteland, we’re really excited to hear Hugh’s ideas for the re-imagining of Christchurch.