Grant Schofield


Part of the re-imagination of Christchurch is conceiving of ways to build cities and communities that are happy and healthy – physically and emotionally. Grant Schofield in one speaker who is focused on the health issues for our city. Grant is Professor of Public Health at AUT University. Grant’s research and teaching interests are in physical activity, nutrition, and health. He investigates novel and sustainable solutions to getting people moving more and making the world a happier and healthier place. He has particular experience and expertise in urban design, transport and health with involvement in several large projects in this area. In physical activity measurement and epidemiology he has expertise in both youth and adult measurement and how this measurement relates to health. In environmental design he has a range of expertise in how especially built environmental factors are related to walkability, car dependency and sustainability. In child health he is interested in how children’s independent mobility (or “free ranging”) can be promoted and what the benefits of free, unsupervised play around a neighbourhood are.

When asked why he is excited to be presenting at TEDxEQChCh, Grant said;

"Because there is a unique opportunity to rethink the way we build our cities and communities to make them a happier and healthier place place. A place where people not cars take priority. A place where our children can roam and play. I want to put forward the case for the importance of having free range not battery children in our world."

A goal we can all get behind!