Grant Ryan


Grant Ryan is an entrepreneurial veteran and the creator of the YikeBike. The electric YikeBike weighs just over 10kg, folds into itself in 15 seconds, and goes 25kph; in the words of UK Journalist Simon Usborne, it’s “the extraordinary lovechild of a Segway and a Penny Farthing with dwarfism.”

Grant, who has been featured in Time, Wired, and Unlimited, sold his Internet search company Global Brain to an American news organisation; then, after the dotcom bubble burst, he and several investors bought back the company at a bargain price. They now make $10 million a year in revenue from it.

Grant also founded social network RealContacts and social search tool Eurekster. He is on the board of the Canterbury Development Corporation and has served on the board of the New Zealand Government’s $140 million Venture Investment Fund and $430 million Foundation for Research Science and Technology.