Ellis Emmett


Ellis Emmett is as close to a stereotypical Kiwi as you can get; he’s an avid adventurer and passionate outdoorsman. His many and varied adventures have taken him from the peaks of inaccessible mountain tops, deep into remote jungle, to over 1,000 feet beneath the ocean – and literally hundreds of places in between. These journeys, along with Ellis’ gift for storytelling and his passion for the outdoors, have led to him becoming an international television personality and author.

His role as television presenter has landed him on the world stage, featuring on networks such as National Geographic, The Outdoor Life Network, Halogen and the Travel Channel, reaching millions of people in over 130 countries worldwide. As host of the groundbreaking, 13-part, adventure travel dive documentary Descending, Ellis, along with co-host Scott Wilson, director Andre Dupuis, and a small team of filmmakers, travelled the world, covering 16 countries, on a quest to discover our aquatic planet like never before.

Ellis’ love of diving goes back over 20 years and his never-ending search for adventure has led him into some truly frightening spots – which he’s managed to scrape through by the skin of his teeth. Attendees of this year’s TEDxChristchurch: Curiouser and Curiouser are in for a wild ride when Ellis takes the stage, and we couldn’t be more excited about his talk!
Dive into his adventures on his website, or follow Ellis on Twitter: @EllisEmmett.