Danny Syme


Born in Dunedin and raised in Christchurch, Danny Syme’s early background is in sports and martial arts. Since graduating from C.P.I.T Circo Arts in 2005, he has worked as a core member of the Loons Circus Theatre Company and Fuse Circus NZ. In 2013, he established Circotica Circus Theatre Productions, with his partner Mim, and the pair not only performs regularly together, but both tutor in the Circus Arts at various community and arts venues throughout New Zealand.

Danny is curious by nature and is currently completing a Media Studies degree at Massey while also training in Shaolin kung fu/wushu. Offstage, his interests include world philosophies, science and technology; and how they relate to performance, film and photography. Onstage, he specialises in mime, clown, adagio, acrobatics, aerials, slapstick and stage combat.

We suggest you not blink during Danny’s performance at TEDxChristchurch this year - you don’t want to miss anything!

Visit Circotica or some of the performances on the company’s YouTube channel.