Ben Uffindell


22-year-old Ben Uffindell was born in Whangarei but has lived in Christchurch since he was 10 years old. He attended the University of Canterbury from 2009 to 2011, finishing his degree in political science, and spent the majority of 2012 haplessly trying to find his way in a world he wasn't prepared for. He called it his quarter life crisis. He says, “I spent a year on the fringes stuck in a perpetual cycle of doubt and changed my mind about what I wanted to do frequently.”

Earlier this year, he stumbled upon good fortune when he established and began managing a satirical news website called The Civilian. The website became an a hit in just the first few days after a spoof story about North Korea threatening a nuclear attack against New Zealand went viral. The Civilian, often compared to the popular US site The Onion, now has tens of thousands of daily visitors, and has over 25,000 fans on Facebook.

Ben’s writing style has been said to be ‘so soaked in verisimilitude that the illusion is on occasions almost perfect.’ He hopes to make people laugh during his time on stage at TEDxChristchurch and to challenge our common understanding of what satire is and should be, so bring your funny bones and thinking caps with you!

Read Ben’s sharp and witty writing at The Civilian, or follow him on Twitter: @BenUffindell.