Andie Spargo


Over the last twenty years Spargo has worn many hats. Writer, actor, film maker, creative director, and chef. He tells us that the chef's hat was by far his favourite, due to it's big, white fluffiness -- but that (other than the sartorial elements) it was his least favourite role. Luckily it hasn't affected his appetite.

He has worked for many years in marketing and communications and has helped local companies like YikeBike, Swiftpoint, and JADE shape their brand identities. Spargo also trips the boards with local comedy troupe, The Outwits. He likes a good laugh with a fine wine, a tiny dog and a comfy couch -- and is very rarely seen without his vegan muse who keeps him on the straight and narrow...ish.

Spargo lived for four years in post gulf war Israel and is no stranger to living on adrenaline. The recent events in Canterbury have fostered a communality of anecdotal humour that he has not experienced since living in the Middle East. A community utilising "the funny side" as a means of coping and healing is what Spargo wants to talk about at TEDxEQChCh. The power of laughter through the tears. Sharing a few of the gems he has gathered along the way since last September.